Data Migration – Conversion – Interfacing

Data Migration

Moving data between data storage systems, data
formats and computer systems.  There are numerous
reasons why a data migration project is done, including  replacing or upgrading servers or storage
equipment, moving data to third-party cloud providers, website consolidation, infrastructure maintenance, application or database migration, software upgrades, company mergers or data center relocation.

A data migration project can be a challenge because administrators must maintain data
integrity, time the project so there is minimal impact to the business and keep an eye on costs. Any problem that occurs during the migration will affect the business, so a data
migration plan is key to ensuring minimal disruption and downtime to the active business processes.


Data Conversion

Conversion of one data format into another.

Data Interfacing

Designing and developing interfaces for data
migration, data conversion, and data validation.

Interfaces include:

  • Data migration between external and internal data sources.
  • Exporting and importing data between applications and systems.
  • Data movement between local and remote locations. (i.e. The client net work and FTP site.)


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